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Amazon introduces Amazon Echo ‘chatbot named Alexa’

Those who've followed this website during the past years, will acknowledge this is a great break through in the advancement of AI conversation technology in our homes: Amazon introduces Echo, a home devices with a build in chatbot named Alexa, responding to your voice and taking all kinds of commands. User can ask for weather reports, set alarms, create to-do lists, and have it play music all via voice command. Alexa can also be used to shop at Amazon. And Alexa is funny!

Future vision by Erwin Van Lun

Gradually we’re getting used to an environment that responses to our voices. A next step is that the global brands will be included in Alexa. ‘Could you please pass me through to Billy (where Billy is the name of agent of, allowing you to ask questions about your specific order at this brand. We’re getting there, step by step…

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Amazon in secondhand games

Using TradeIn, Amazon's newest service, consumers can send in their own games (for example those for the Xbox, Playstation and Wii) and get a voucher in exchange. Amazon then sells the games on its website.

Future vision by Erwin Van Lun

All retailers will deal in second-hand. See, it’s not about selling new goods, but about helping a consumer with a good. If they consumer wants something new that’s possible, but so is second-hand. That used to be impossible to organize in physical stores, but now we can.

By the by, it’ll be over with games on discs very soon. We’ll download everything through optical fibre, personalized worlds around us, and pay per minute or in subscription models. But that to the side.

Amazon supplements

Anyone searching on will be given suggestions after typing a few letters already.

Future vision by Erwin Van Lun

First this was reserved for big search engines, but for the biggest online retailers in the world, soon for banks, smaller webshops and, in the long term, in a year or ten, even for the smallest websites of the smallest entrepreneurs. This is how brands will supplement consumers more and more. Soon half a word will literally be enough. Currently typed, soon spoken. You stammer something and you’re immediately given a supplement. That’ll be the listening power of brands.

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Amazon launches MP3 widget has launched an MP3 widget, a small piece of software that people can place on their website, through which the people can promote music and on top of that, if a site-visitor decides to buy the song or album, they can make a little money. After placing the code, an image, for example the accompanying image here, will automatically appear on the site.

Future vision by Erwin Van Lun

Brands are understanding increasingly better how they can use their customers as salespoints. Eventually this will be the digital support for the most powerful kind of advertisement: mouth-to-mouth advertisement. It fits completely in the long term trend of learning how to apply tribal thinking.

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Amazon: Really see and buy via text message

Via Amazon TextBuy the buying hungry consumer can directly order whatever catches their eye in a shop, on the street or in a bar. Users send a text message with the name, description, barcode or ISBN number of the product. If Amazon is selling similar items then you will be sent a message with the results. The consumer can immediately buy one of the products or ask for a wider selection of products.

Future vision by Erwin Van Lun

The mobile phone is becoming a screen over the physical world. At the moment we still need to send a text message but soon the product will be automatically recognised (via barcode, built in chips or just by its form) and the maker will provide specific information straight away. If we want to make further comparisons we will consult one of our coaching brands, which will advise us like a friend. A decision is then quickly made.

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Amazon shows order in your own currency from now on shows the total amount in your own currency. Not knowing the exact in your own currency proved to be a burden for international customers (em, Dutch). Brands start speaking the consumer's language. Every sales person knows it: use exactly the customer's words, his own languages, his own habits. Then you create real contact. This is no different for the automated dialogue. This step by Amazon is a logical one in this perspective. Soon any amount at any website, in any e-mail, in any chat dialogue, will automatically be shown in your own currency.

Amazon Fresh home delivers food

At Amazon Fresh, part of, consumers now can order fresh food. At the moment as a try-out just in Seattle. Delivery is very flexible. Through 'DayBreak' products are delivered on the doorstep by early morning, through 'Daytime Delivery' they are delivered the next day in a 1-hour time slot chosen by the consumer, and through 'Local Pick-Up' consumers can pick up their order the same day (em, Dutch). Very slowly we start to also order our daily groceries online. However, it is very hard to break through existing patterns, and for people who have been grocery shopping for years and years it is hard to break through this pattern. But the last ten years a new generation has come into being that thinks and acts online completely. The teenagers from then are today's people in their twenties. That generation ask themselves why they would haul a case of beer themselves? And that generation now has money too. The delivery remains a challenge. Now it still takes a day, in the future we will receive our order within a couple of hours. 'Normal' grocery shopping stays, but gets a different meaning. This is a small step in that direction.

Amazon starts digital music store

Amazon starts an online music store in which you can buy and download MP3 music without digital rights management software. It is expected that Amazon will work with more than 12,000 music publishers, and thus can offer millions of songs. British recording company EMI has signed the first contract with Amazon. The store will open before the end of this year (dc, Dutch). Amazon this way could grow into a music coaching brand. For a start, a coaching brand needs to be complete: offer ALL music ever made in the world. After that, a music coaching brand can make selections on an individual basis, adapted to time, place and situation. This is a possible step in that direction.

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