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Live connection to BMW test drive

Site visitors and test drivers of two especially outfitted new BMW's stood in connection with each other for two weeks through sound and video. Both cars are outfitted with a camera that registers what the driver sees through the front window and, to find out exactly what the driver thinks of the car, the website lists the number of the telephone in the BMW. Anyone can call and ask questions. For two weeks, the images were available on a live stream on (; Dutch). Thanks to GPS interested parties can follow the cars using detailed maps. The site also shows text message reactions of the drivers. A test driver can also add a specially designed 'widget' to, for example, their personal profile on Hyves or their blog. This way people can watch along with the test drive on various sites and people can invite others to watch or to call.

Future vision by Erwin Van Lun

Brands connect the members of the bran tribe. Whether we call them employees, fans, ambassadors, car divers or wannabees; everyone who feels emotions for the brand will feel connected to the brand and thus each other. You can connect people through the physical world, in the virtual world, or both at the same time. BMW here shows a nice example of the last. For now it’s just a specially equipped BMS, but later this will be the standard on all of them. Currently you need to make special link, but later you can just ‘log into your car’. Currently you still need to connect, later you can invite your friends to watch along with a press of a button. It’s all getting simpler.

Related trends

BMW soon continuously connected

Starting this Summer, BMW will build in displays in its cars giving unlimited access to the worldwide web. The company claims to be the first in the world to do this (em, Dutch). Three developments are demonstrated here: first, loose navigation sets will disappear. Second, all existing screens will be connected: every display will soon give access to one big, virtual world. And third, every product, a car in this case, loses its anonymity. Companies, brands, will always stay in touch with the product they have made. This is an early example of this.

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