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Microsoft adds characters to Facebook

Microsoft in its campaign The Ultimate Steal, aimed at students, has them make an avatar and record their own text. The character than speaks the text, and the lips move with the text. The talking avatar then can easily be moved to social network Facebook. Friends thus will see the character, and get the possibility to try and make one themselves (cz). Brands more and more will use pattern recognition technology to understand our texts, our speech and our facial expressions. In this case for a campaign, in the future brands will facilitate us communicating realtime with our friends. As ourselves, as a better version of ourself (just a little more beautiful, wearing slightly nicer clothes, and no glasses), or as somebody else. This is a small step in that direction.

Coca Cola moves users to 3D world

Starting today, Coke Studio users will find themselves transferred to a whole new Coke-sponsored area in the 3D virtual world. As part of its many prolonged branding efforts, Coca Cola has been operating a 2D virtual world environment via its site. Called Coke Studios, the site lets customers create avatars, listen to and share music with others, or purchase virtual goods through the My Coke Rewards online reward program. (cz).

Brands build 3D worlds in which they invite their clients. Now as part of a separate 3D world, later everything will be connected, so that you don't have a clue of in which 3D world you really are. Just like in the real, physical world. There is only one physical world, and within that are lots of little 3D worlds which trouble free connect to each other. When passing a border, for example the border of a yard, there usually is some kind of dividing line, which however is easy to pass (from several directions). Virtual brand worlds will develop just like that.

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Coca Cola rents out buildings

Coca Cola rents out its buildings for events. Special website World of Coca Cola was introduced specifically for this purpose. Among the facilities are a special theater, a room with the worlds biggest collection of Coke memories, and a special taste-experience room. The rooms can be rented separately, or the total venue can be rented from $15,000 a day. Only in the evening, as the building is in use during the day (dc, Dutch). Brands come to life in all brand touch points: from plant, to office, to shop: every single contact with the brand, for employees as well as consumers, adds to the experience of the brand. Thus we will be invited to lots of special headquarters in the future. This is an example.

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