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Disney’s Wall-E comes to life in magazine

For Wall-E, Disney's new DVD movie, a print advertisement appeared in the Dutch tv guide Totaal TV. Holding this up to the webcam you wouldn't see just the magazine, but you could see Wall-E come to life too. With moving images and sound. A typical example of augmented reality, an added reality.

Future vision by Erwin Van Lun

So all products come to life. Whatever we’ll point at, there’ll always be something to say about it. Whether it’s a tree, a bicycle, a bag of dirt, the neighbour’s four-year-old, or a 1972 Ferrari, augmented reality ensures that we find out everything ever made available. This is just a beginning.

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Disney World in Google Earth

Disney World, the theme park in Florida, can be found on Google Earth in complete 3D vision. On this page there's a video and instructions.

Future vision by Erwin Van Lun

And so brand worlds are taking shape. Currently as a separate part of Google Earth, soon the website itself will be in 3D. Then we’ll be looking through the window of an airplane and we can go where we want. Afterwards we’ll be recognized, be able to meet our friends, rebuild the environment, make suggestions, and absolutely ultimately, visit the real park itself. This scene is coming ever closer.

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