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Brand: Ekudos

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EKudos rewards the introdution of new members

News network eKudos rewards members who introduce new members with money. If the visitor you have introduced registers on eKudos this is automatically coupled to your Adsense account (your income). A link is established between you and the new member. When you place articles on the public pages there are Google adverts that produce income for eKudos, these adverts are coupled to your Adsense account and you recieve a proportion of the income. The more active you are and the more you write the better. If you also bring new members in then that produces income for you too because the mechanism also works at deeper levels. If you want to give it a try then register via the link in this article, it's as simple as that!

Future vision by Erwin Van Lun

Brands are slowly learning to master the subtitles of tribal thinking. They understand that many people aren’t stimulated by these sort of mechanisms and are creating other mechanisms for other types of people. Anyone who wants to do something for the brand must be maximally facilitated. This is a nice example.

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eKudos shares income with users

Dutch news brand eKudos shares its advertising income with users who actively contribute to the website (dc, Dutch). Brands are having a brand coming out. With that, the border between employees and consumers completely disappears. People who actively contribute to the brand are rewarded. Others on the contrary pay for the added value the brand delivers. This is a small step in that direction.

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