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Brand: Funda

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Funda New House Plan goes beyond real estate

Dutch housing site Funda's New House Plan goes beyond just buying real estate. Financing, remodeling, moving, and aspects like the interior are discussed as well (following mf). Starting at the primary comparison of houses, Funda now is also offering other products in cooperation with partners. The consumer however doesn't want to be bound to one supplier: he or she wants to have a choice. In a next phase Funda will also compare mortgages, title companies, movers, contractors, and energy suppliers. That will be the moment the consumer starts paying for these services. As a subscriber, per advice, or by paying commission. Information about the rates will have to be shown openly. Broadening the supply is a small step in that direction.

Funda now also on mobile phone

Dutch real estate website Funda has now become accessible through mobile phones (fu, Dutch). Brands start dialogues through all kinds of screens and displays, and adapt their communication to the consumer, and the spacial context. In a next step GPS locations for example will also be included. Then you can see immediately if that house in the neighborhood is for sale. Or where the houses for sale are located in relation to the location you are at now. This is great when you walk around in a neighborhood that feels good to live in. A home coaching brand more and more becomes a brand helping you in the area of housing, wherever you are in the world. This development is part of that.

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