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Brand: H&m

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H M produces consumer design

An outfit designed by a player of The Sims 2 is now available in almost 1,000 H&M stores world-wide. The clothes are the result of a design contest in which all Sims-players could take part. The context involved designed a piece of clothing based on the style of H&M. The uploaded creations could then be seen in six virtual fashion shows. Entries by at least 1,000 designers were judged by over 100,000 people. It generated around 500 million impressions. The winning design is recognizable in H&M stores by a special The Sims 2 label and brand.

Future vision by Erwin Van Lun

Brands facilitate the design of a product, like they borrow their right to exist from the facilitation of consumers, in their lives. A brand is, such as it were, a huge group of people of which the most active people involve themselves full-time, sometimes even longer. These people are serving the community. Every part of what they do has to add value to the life of the consumer. H&M understands how this process works and is taking leaps in the brand coming out, the process in which traditional brands reinvent themselves.

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H&M makes interactive posters

Fashion brand H&M makes its posters interactive by adding a special 3D bar code to it: a sema code. These codes can be read with modern mobile phones, after which an internet page appears. Then the products shown on the poster can be ordered directly (mb, Dutch). Brands make all their communications interactive. Now through billboard posters, in the future through bathroom advertising and especially also through advertisements in newspapers and magazines. And not just the communication becomes interactive, the products become interactive too. So that in the future, if we see something special, we can always order it in one click. And that worldwide! Impulse purchases thus are made very attractive. This is a small step in that direction.

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H&M fashion on the catwalk in The Sims

Fashion lovers can discover and adjust the new H&M summer collection in shops they build themselves in computer game Sims. Through The Sims Fashion Runway or the Sims at H&M, players can show their own designs on a virtual catwalk. Other people can vote for these designs (ab, Dutch). Transaction brands visit consumer worlds. They integrate in a very natural way. In a next step, popular fashion of this virtual world will be produced in the physical world. This is a small step in that direction.

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