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Joost available through Netlog

Videosite Joost is unlocking its content through social network Netlog. With this users are given the ability to watch movies, tv shows or music videos directly from their profile. Furthermore, they can share videos with their friends and offer comments on clips using the already existing features of Netlog. In the Benelux Netlog users are given a varied assortment, including the Dutch versions.

Future vision by Erwin Van Lun

Movies, music, books: they’re just experiences humans like to share with others, Later we can just watch a movie, on any screen, anywhere in the world, in any language and we’ll give feedback with our emotions. We won’t need to write we thought it was great anymore. Our social coaching brand could see that without it, and we can share them with our friends, anywhere in the world, no matter what language they speak. This is a step in that direction.

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Joost has third parties make comments

Through video site Joost Coca-Cola now facilitates people to share their comments on (fragments in) video content. Users who have installed Joost already, can download a so-called joba document, which then can be activated in Joost. Then their comments appear in bubbles, with a wink to Coca-Cola (cz). By making it possible for third parties to leave their comments, Joost can quickly grow. People will send each other fun fragments, only Joost has to be installed. In the end a developing home entertainment coaching brand like Joost will facilitate these comments itself. After all, if you are positive about something, Joost will want to know, so it can give you even more surprising content on your next visit.

Joost includes English TV productions

Joost, the biggest and fastest growing video distribution platform which is still in beta, has reached agreements with independent film and television producers All33Media International, Alliance Atlantis, September Films and Wall to Wall, and also with the independent distributors IndieFlix and Shorts International (bm, Dutch). As up and coming home entertainment coaching brand Joost's focus is on being complete. That's why the company earlier signed contracts with the biggest producers from the US. In the end, Joost will contain all content that has ever been made, in all languages, no matter how old. Then Joost will help us select the right supply, or even better: "just give me something." This is a small step in that direction.

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