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Brand: Kieskeurig

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Kieskeurig has store profiles

Kieskeurig (Picky; Dutch)'s new site offers extended store profiles. With these Kieskeurig deepens its store assessments.

Future vision by Erwin Van Lun

It’s an example of how coaching brands in the making work. They don’t just ensure a complete offer (collect all available products), but also all the ways to get them. The next step will be: which product, which store suits me best, today, from where I currently am? Then brands like Kieskeurig will be even more valuable than they are today and we’ll slowly start to pay for their advice.

Related trends now also on your cell phone

Consumer's site has expanded its services with a mobile version. This allows consumers to compare products and prices while they're shopping. Consumers will be able to check whether they're really shopping in the most economical fashion whilst they're standing in the store.

Future vision by Erwin Van Lun

Whether you’re comparing apples to pears doesn’t matter anymore. And shop owners will have to be careful with phrases like ‘always cheaper’ or ‘low price guarantee’. In future we’ll receive information on whether a product is cheaper elsewhere directly on our mobile. We’ll also know whether it’s in stock or nearby. All we need to do is point our cell phones at a product and the information will pour in. For physical shop owners, it’ll become harder and harder to compete with smaller and cheaper online stores. In the market of the future small physical show owners will cease to exist and big chains will be almost as cheap as online stores. Huzzah for the consumer.

Kieskeurig gets print version

Comparison site gets a print version: Kieskeurig Magazine. The paper version of product and price comparer Kieskeurig must 'inspire' consumers to make online purchases. The magazine is targeted mainly to women and is sent along magazines of Sanoma, Kieskeurig's mother company (em, Dutch). Online communities become leading, print is just a copy. Whether the company has its history in print or online, it all goes the same direction. In the end print will disappear too, to make place for e-paper. Then the role of the readers (or do we call them members) will be even more dominant. This is just a small step in that development.

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