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KPN chatbot forwards calls

The Chatbot of KPN InternetPlusBellen's Helpdesk forwards calls to a real person if she doesn't know what to do with a question. The chat then continues like normal, only in a different window (cb). Chatbots will get better in understanding and answering consumers' questions. After that they will combine their knowledge with profiles, and chat bots (call them brand agents, call them virtual employees) will approach consumers pro-actively (if we allow them of course). And if we then have a really hard question, we will be forwarded to a specialist. Every brand will in the end be built in such a dialogue, and no longer in a monologue (how can I reach the consumer?). This is the hidden development here.

KPN becomes informal

KPN is becoming more and more informal. Earlier employees were called by their first name (Dutch), now consumers are given a leaflet 'we're happy with you!' In this leaflet the consumer is addressed completely with 'je', while the site still uses 'u'. (Dutch, like French and German, still distinguishes between a formal and informal second person pronoun.) Two developments can be seen in this. Firstly brands are experiencing a 'brand coming out' in which they become more equal, more transparent and start to develop, operate and communicate more openly with the consumer. This is shown by being on a first name basis amongst other things. Secondly brands will enter the dialogue with individual consumers and maintain a consistent tone like people have when they speak with one another. 'Je' on the site means 'je' on the telephone and 'je' in a leaflet. Other people who'd rather keep their distance will be constantly addressed with 'u': on the site, in the leaflet, on the phone. By that time you'll be welcomed into KPN's virtual world by a brand agent who recognizes you instantly and continues where the dialogue left off. Currently brands are struggling with this, but the looking for the right tone and equality is a step in the evolution of brands.

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