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Brand: Levi's

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Levi’s launches virtual world

Jeans brand Levi's launches Levi's World: its own virtual world (dc, Dutch). More and more often brands with a symbolic function (brands selling products we wear on our bodies) will start creating their own worlds. Worlds in which they invite consumers, who will bring their friends. After all, these are the types of brands they can appear in, which determine their identity, or which at least they like to identify with. This is an example of that development. This type of worlds will grow into complete games for which in the end we will pay. And will be more than willing to pay for.

Levi’s mobile phone

Fashion brand Levi's introduces its own mobile phone (mc, Dutch). Brands with a symbolic function (all brands carried on the body) will introduce brand extensions with products having a comparable function in the lives of consumers. For consumers who are satisfied with the standard functions of today's mobile phone, this is a great opportunity to express themselves. Levi's understands this. In the future, they will probably bring many more design products with relatively new technologies, like ear phones, rings, and watches.

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