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LinkedIn lets you make notes with contacts

LinkedIn, the professional social network, now lets you make notes that are only visible to you with your contacts.

Future vision by Erwin Van Lun

This shows how social networks develop themselves. We’ve been able to look up people quickly for sometime, people keep their own contact data up to date and now we can make notes too. Later on, we can just call Lise, LinkedIn’s brand agent, and say “I want to call that guy I met in January during that CSP unplugged meeting.” After a short dialogue you’re put through. Nice and easy.

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LinkedIn adds smart people search

Social business brand LinkedIn makes searching for people easier. As soon as you type a letter, the names from your network appear automatically. If you make a typo (for example when you search for 'Edwin van Lun' LinkedIn offers the suggestion: Are you perhaps looking for 'Erwin van Lun', 'Edwin van Loon' or 'Edwin van Lit'?)

Future vision by Erwin Van Lun

Brands do everything they can to understand our language. And just like in a human dialogue, half a word is enough for them. People also often don’t hear half of what’s being said, but our brain glue everything together seamlessly. Slowly we’re learning to automate this. Soon well just call to the car ‘Call Vincent, please!’, that’ll be enough. If there’s any doubt about which Vincent the return question ‘Which Vincent?’ will come automatically. This shows nicely that brands are also starting to get to know our personal network better and keep this in mind in their communication.

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LinkedIn advises with events

LinkedIn, a business social network, advises people with events. By now LinkedIn 'reads' over 8000 events worldwide. You can select events based on industry, data and (traveling) distance. You can see who organizes the event, who's speaking and leave comments. Speakers get to see the event on their profile too. You can also see which colleagues and contacts are going. That might be the most important.

Future vision by Erwin Van Lun

People are herd animals; they do what others do. And they let themselves be led especially by their immediate environment. That’s true for both less-educated and well-educated people. That’s just how we work. Here, LinkedIn uses this principle flawlessly. Slowly, LinkedIn seems to be turning into a real career coaching brand: a brand that coaches you with your personal development. News, books, events, LinkedIn has it all. Soon LinkedIn will start to help students with their career start. Then high school students with their follow-up choices. Currently in only a few languages, but soon exactly in the language you need, that helps you best. This is a step in that direction.

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LinkedIn integrates Amazon booklists

LinkedIn, a business social network, is integrating people's reading lists. For each book you can indicate 'I want to read it', 'I'm reading it now' and 'I want to read it'. You can also indicate whether you're using the Kindle, Amazon's e-paper device.

Future vision by Erwin Van Lun

In a next step you’ll connect your Amazon account to the LinkedIn account. Then the books you’ve purchased will appear automatically. When you indicate that you’ve read it, Amazon will ask for your review, which will then appear on and, more importantly, will be shown prominently to your business partners. This allows LinkedIn to help you more with books that help develop your career. This is a step in that direction.

Linkedin starts group discussions

Business social network LinkedIn has started to allow registered users to hold group discussions.

Future vision by Erwin Van Lun

This is how a serious form of online conferences is formed: people already know each other and can also bring in people from their social network. In a next step this kind of discussion will integrate with live discussions/chats to give the feeling of being in a real workshop through speech and images. Still not all physical sessions will be replaced.

The ultimate will be real workshops of course, because this is the only way to be stimulated by all your senses. Furthermore, the social obligation to remain seated allows you to create a bond between people that will never be feasible in the virtual world. But such a session would have to be incredibly special and not a lecture in the traditional sense. It’s like with a vacation: the more you get the impression through impressive images that you’re in a specific location, the more you get the feeling ‘I want that too!’

LinkedIn, as

LinkedIn places network updates in RSS feed

Business social network LinkedIn places network updates in a personal RSS feed . This means that changes to business contacts can be accessed immediately from webpages, RSS readers or email clients. Changes include such things as: 'a new job', 'a new contact' or 'a new question'. This allows people to be presented such things in the same way as 'news', but with the difference that this is much nearer to them.

Future vision by Erwin Van Lun

People who are involved in the groups in which they live and then specifically with the people they know. That’s why the who’s-who section in professional magazines are so widely read (do I know someone? Do I see a familiar photo?) This service takes this a step further and automatically selects the changes of people you know on a professional level. Furthermore it selects them in all branches because they’re your contacts. By joining the groups an individual works in a career coaching brand (which LinkedIn is becoming) will be able to guide the personal development of an individual much better.

LinkedIn makes companies even more transparent

Business social network LinkedIn introduces company profiles (see below for details, li). A lot of information that hasn't been available before has now been published. Furthermore, LinkedIn offers companies the possibility to add information. LinkedIn thus pushes the brand coming out for all companies, meanwhile becoming more and more relevant as a career coaching brand: a brand that helps you in your career.

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LinkedIn on mobile

It is now possible to consult business social network LinkedIn with your mobile phone (lb). All brands can soon be consulted on every screen (like a watch, navigation system, or mega 3D television). The challenge is to adapt the content to every kind of screen, in a personal context. Social networks are ahead in mobile communication. This is logical: we have a lot of social interaction when we are outside the house, in the street. Soon we won't just be able to exchange business cards through our mobile phones, but we will also be able to directly link, and record a message as a note of the conversation. And we will only have to aim our mobile at somebody for the person to be recognized and the profile to be shown directly. These are the steps we may expect pretty soon.

LinkedIn remembers all e-mail addresses

Business social network LinkedIn remembers and shows all e-mail addresses of an individual member. In the course of years people send each other invitations, whereby they sometimes use a different e-mail address, while they do link these invitations to a certain profile. Thus LinkedIn can build up a database of different e-mail addresses for every individual. The user then can choose what should be the primary address for communication between the brand LinkedIn and the user. Very smart.

All brands will soon do this. They don't just have one e-mail address of an individual consumer in their database, but also all associated e-mail addresses. So that if an e-mail address doesn't work any more, they can send a message to an alternative e-mail address. In these times, in which it is always harder to find new clients (or reach them using traditional channels), you have to give more attention to keeping existing customers. At this time, it is five times as expensive to get a new client as compared to keeping an existing client; this ratio will change for the worse in the years to come. This type of extensions of the database therefore will prove to be very profitable.

LinkedIn shows what your colleagues read

Business-social network LinkedIn shows what your colleagues have read lately. It combines the contact list with news on demand. The amount of job offers rises at the same time (dc, Dutch). Because of this you don't just see the important events in the world, but especially the important events in your surroundings. After all employees are not just employees, but especially humans. And humans are involved in their surroundings. Now for news, later also for participation in events, reviews of books or education. LinkedIn thus further develops to be a career coaching brand, a brand that helps you during your whole career.

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