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Live recognizes friends

Through the renewed Windows Live Photo Gallery people can't just group their photos based on date or location, but also by people. They can also edit the photos. For example, you can make the photo black and white with a single click of the mouse and you can rotate the photos in any angle.

Future vision by Erwin Van Lun

Brand will start to recognize the images around us to advertise with them. Brands that specialize in social contact between people, that facilitate with personal contact (such as (Windows) Live, a social coaching brand in the making), also recognize our friends. From their photograph, but later also by their voice, their walk or their behavior. In the long term, even better than we can recognize them ourselves. This is a step in that direction.

Related trends

LiveContacts has you share your location

Through LiveContacts you can see on the map (on your mobile phone) where your friends are. It works with a small program on their mobile phones that passes on their location. It works through place determination through mobile network masts (dc). The next thing we will share is our location. First based on GPS and then based on Galileo, so we can even determine the location within a building. Once we permit other brands to see this location too, working, family life or a night out will get a whole new dimension. And the expression 'people close to you' will get a whole new meaning.

Visual sorting with Live Search

Through Live Search, Microsoft's search engine, you can drag visuals from your search results to a side panel, the so-called 'clipboard'. This clipboard is saved, even after starting a new search. Thus you can easily use different ways to find the best picture. Here you see and example of searching for Santa Claus (dc, Dutch). In this seemingly simple function, we can see some hidden trends: first of all, brands are linking to people's visual thinking, second, brands start remembering what we possibly find interesting (I call that the brand memory), and third, brands share that with us openly. This can totally inspire brands.

Live Messenger standard on cell phone

From now on Vodafone will place Windows Live Messenger (formerly MSN Messenger) on its cell phones. By clicking on the icon, Messenger can be downloaded and you can chat immediately. This is how text, speech and video integrate into one channel. Calling will soon only mean 'calling live'. Then it'll be about exchanging (live) images, speech or (live) text messages. That we only used to be able to talk has long been forgotten. Telecom operators then only have a technical role: connecting us to the visual world. social contact brands, into which Live Messenger could grow, facilitate this contact. This is a step in that direction.

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