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Family site MyHeritage links DNA research

MyHeritage, the world's most popular genealogy site, now enables people to let their DNA be researched to find acquaintances who share the same ancestor. This is possible through a partnership with FamilyTreeDNA, a database with almost 220,000 DNA profiles and with it the most extensive genealogic DNA information in the world.

Future vision by Erwin Van Lun

The world is getting ever more transparent. The coming decades we’ll chart all human DNA (just from a health point of view) and brands like MyHeritage will make it easier to determine a family tree. We’ll start to discover that family trees and genetic heritage are two completely different things. Although we still want to believe that the man from a marriage really is the father, tests have often shown that this isn’t the case. The further back in time you go, the less certain you can determine whether it really concerns your genealogical ancestors. We’ll have to face this first and then we’ll even have to come up with new words (a different word for the description ‘biological father’) and use it to indicate this phenomena.

MyHeritage in 34 languages

MyHeritage, of of the world's most popular genealogy websites, is now available in nine additional languages. The new languages are Danish, Romanian, Bulgarian, Serbian, Croatian, Lithuanian, Malaysian, Arabic and Persian. MyHeritage is helping over 26 million people in the world to stay in touch with one another and helps families research their history in a fun and easy way.

Future vision by Erwin Van Lun

The biggest brands of the coming century operate world-wide per definition, but speak exactly the language of the consumer. Currently as just the national language, but later as exactly the language that each individual customer uses. So that they feel most understood. Using the local language is a good start for this.

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