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New passport at the place you choose

In the Netherlands it will soon be possible to apply for a (new) passport in any city you want. This is the result of the changing from local travel documents administrations to a national administration, aimed at fighting identity fraud (nu, Dutch). Now on a national scale, later European, and in the end worldwide. Then we are born, get a number assigned to the country of birth and nationality, and which directly includes our DNA material. Related news in 2015: 'European civilian service numbers will start in 2019'. News in 2040: 'United Nations aims for introduction of global account numbers in 2050'. If we want to make the world a safer place, we need to be able to make somebody accountable for his behavior, and thus be able to find him or her. And that on a worldwide scale.

Authorities read license plates on A9

The Dutch Ministry of Waterways and Public Workes uses special cameras to register cars (through license plate registration) using highway A9 at least 3 times a week. This is a group of 12,000 drivers. These people have all been asked if they were interested in a special 'A9 accessible' pass. Three thousand of them said they would like to obtain one (rb, Dutch). Brands, even the Dutch government, will monitor the use of their products (the infrastructure in this case) to optimize their service on a personal level. Now privacy is still an issue, but in the future we will be able to state on our personal web page: yes, help me optimize the use. Then privacy all of a sudden becomes much less important. As long as the information is not shared with other parties. Very slowly it goes this direction.

Sire asks citizens for input

Dutch foundation Stichting Ideele Reclame asks citizens for input on website ("you may say it") At this website, the public can leave suggestions for informational and educational campaigns for next year (si, Dutch). Slowly but surely societal opinion forming processes get a different form. Sire used to filter signals out of society, translate these into a central message, which in the end was spread through mass communication. Now citizens get a voice in the choice of the themes for the campaigns. This will evolve into one big societal debate. Every theme will constantly be the topic of conversation. Everybody may say what they think. Everybody may make a videotape and send it in. Others may vote for it. But getting one central message across to everybody will be harder. To make sure we stay connected though, new forms will come into being. This experiment is a small step in that direction.

Dutch government works on personal internet page

The Dutch government is working on a Personal Internet page (PIP) at which citizens can manage their contacts with the government 24 hours a day (tc, Dutch). Even the Dutch government is a brand in the minds of people. The brand Netherlands, with a very rich association network like the queen, the national anthem or the dive in the sea on New Year's day. A brand you feel connected to. A brand that helps to live in freedom, peace and safety in the Netherlands. A brand that adds a lot of value to our lives, which we tend to forget due to (among others) outdated communication. In the end we will also start dialogues with this brand. And it won't stop there. Earlier or later we will also start to feel something for Europe, the brand Europe. And finally (probably at the end of this century) we will feel like we're world citizens, with a much bigger brand of which we know the archetype now, but which is completely different from the brand we will then feel connected to. It will take at least another couple of generations, but the Netherlands as well as other countries are slowly moving into this direction.

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