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Nintendo BoomBlox by Steven Spielberg

Electronic Arts will soon publish BoomBlox a Steven Spielberg game (dc, Dutch). The game industry has been bigger than the movie industry for years, but movies are still more visible. Soon movies will only be free trailers for games, for which we will pay even more. Talents from the movie world becoming active in the game world is an example of this.

Wii has you give presents to your friends

Through Nintendo's game console Wii, owners will soon be able to buy games and give these to their friends as presents. The moment the receiver logs in, the present becomes visible, and the download can start (dc, Dutch). We invite friends in virtual worlds. Now through a game, and individually, in the future we will invite friends at a certain moment, and pay for their experience. Like you are having a party, and the drinks are on the house. Gaming shows us what in the future will happen in every living room.

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