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Brand: Pc Zapper

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PC Zapper collects all videos

PC Zapper groups together all watched videostreams of broadcasting companies, of Dutch video sharing sites or other video sources using Dutchcharts (Dutch). This way a Top 30 can be created. Videos can be clicked on and watched immediately.

Future vision by Erwin Van Lun

Home entertainment coaching brands collect and group all available media from which a viewer, the consumer, can choose. Now all the Dutch video-offerings are being grouped, soon the whole international videos and then live-video will follow suit. How to choose from this overwhelming offer. This new type of brand will help us choose by building a profile of us and also by knowing what our friends are doing. First gathering up all the video-material. That’s difficult enough in 2008.

PC Zapper invites consumers to office

Video portal PC Zapper invites consumers to her office for a yearly feedback session. On a Wednesday night consumers are coming to tell PC Zapper how to do better. For participating they receive a gift certificate of 25 euros, their travel expenses are reimbursed, and they get free pizza and soft drinks (pz, Dutch). Thus brands more and more involve consumers in the process. In a qualitative way, by having people send them ideas. In a quantitative way, by having people cast their votes. And creatively by involving people in sessions like this. In a next step, consumers will also help design the product. With that, the border between supplier and consumer slowly disappears. Brands are having their brand coming out, and PC Zapper shows us how to do this.

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