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Brand: Postbank

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Postbank uses artificial speech for client names

In a personalized viral video campaign by Postbank, a children's choir loudly sings the client's name: 'Thank you Erwin, thank you Erwin, thank you Erwin!' (pb). Brands start to address people by name in a personal (yet automatized) dialogue. People are very alert in hearing their names. Even in a very busy bar, where it is impossible to follow all the different dialogues, we immediately pick up if somebody is mentioning our name. Therefore we will get to see this form of communication a lot more. Now in a campaign, later also more structural as part of the dialogue we have with the brand agent.

Postbank introduces intelligent chat buddy

Postbank introduces the Postbank Buddy for Windows Live Messenger (earlier MSN Messenger). With this the Postbank customer can check his or her own balance and recent account activities, and the buddy also answers questions to the customer service department like it is completely normal.

After several other banks, among others ABN Amro (Saldo-bot) and Rabobank (Yvette), and an earlier pilot by Postbank for students, Postbank now also has a real Buddy. This buddy however is much more intelligent then earlier buddy's from its competitors. If you are a Postbank client, you add "" to your Messenger friends list, and you activate the buddy in your (the personal Postbank surroundings), you can directly chat with the buddy. You can check your balance, see the latest activities on your account, and ask questions to the customer service department. In a normal dialogue. Some examples:

Postbank scans people living together

The SamenWoonScan (Dutch) van de Postbank (Dutch) helps you organize your finances when you start to live together. After entering information such as your old and new living situation, monthly and yearly incomes, current primary bank and ongoing insurances, pensions and loans you're given an overview of what you should be thinking of. As such you get advice on fiscal partnership, dividing regular costs, a 'living together' contract and setting up a will. You also get matching offers from the Postbank. Brands are starting to think along more and more.
Postbank can grow into a financial coaching brand, a brand that strives for a long-term relationship and coaches within its financial area of expertise. As a trusted partner, Postbank will soon also start to sell (all) products of third parties, compare them for you, make the best choice together with you and take care of the transaction. Then the advice will be truly credible and relevant. However, changes don't happen overnight, but step by step. This is a step in that direction.

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