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Brand: Rotterdam

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Rotterdam listens to shouting

In the game Brullende Bolides (Screaming Bolides; Dutch) of the municipality of Rotterdam participants have to shout as loud as they can. The louder you shout, the faster you go. For this you use the microphone on your computer. During your screaming ride, the Coolsingel, Blaak and the Euromast fly past. This lets you discover the city in high speed. Create a hilarious sound and challenge your friends to scream an even faster time.

Future vision by Erwin Van Lun

Brands start to react to us. Not just to what we type or click, but especially what we say, how we look, how we move. This is a primitive example of what’s to come.

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Nadine answers questions about Rotterdam

Employees of the city of Rotterdam now have a new colleague. A virtual colleague, named Nadine. She daily answers all questions about moving to and from the city of Rotterdam. If Nadine doesn't know the answer, the customer is offered options to communicate with Nadine's 'real' colleagues. Through e-mail, phone, or at a window. Customers that way do get a quick answer to their question (ss, Dutch). Thus brands slowly start dialogues. Now just for moving, in the future Nadine will be the most important employee of the city of Rotterdam. You then will even be able to leave your vote with Nadine. This is a small step in that direction.

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