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T-Mobile rewards customer loyalty

T-Mobile offers business clients discounts and group discounts (Dutch) when they develop a long term relationship: the longer you're a client, the higher your discount. This loyalty discount can go up to 6%

Future vision by Erwin Van Lun

It’ll be increasingly more difficult to get new customers in the medialandscape that’s developing. When it used to be the rule that it’s five times as difficult to get a new customer than it is to keep an existing one, this ratio is only going to get worse. Finding new customers is going to get increasingly more difficult. Because of this brands are forced to do their utmost to keep existing customers. With service, but also with price. This is a nice example.

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T-mobile awards loyal customers

Telecoms operator T-Mobile awards its loyal customers with a loyalty discount. All business customers - big and small (starting with 5 people businesses) - get 1% extra discount to their user costs every half year (tc, Dutch). Brands have more and more trouble to get new customers through campaigns. The old paradigm 'it costs 5 times as much money to get a new customer as opposed to keeping an existing customer' is intensified by this development. Brands therefore will more than ever pamper their existing customers. This is an example of that.

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