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TomTom launches online route planner

TomTom is launching a free Online Route Planner. With this travelers can plan a route before leading and receive exact traveling and arrival times which take into account current and historical information regarding traffic flow during the day. HD traffic with 500 billion historical speed measurements of roads across the world is integrated too.

Future vision by Erwin Van Lun

Brands are disconnecting from screens and enter the dialogue through every possible one. That dialogue goes on. Where a conversation ends on one screen, it continues on another. Currently for two screens (nagivational system and computer screen), soon for every screen you can imagine. You just call ‘TomTom’. You’re recognized immediately and the dialogue is continued. This is a nice example of this development.

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TomTom has users share content

Navigation devices supplier TomTom has its users upload and share content. Routes, icons, voices, colors (for a specific country for example) or warning signs can be shared without a problem (tt). We thus don't just map the world all together, but also what we think about it. By facilitating this, TomTom turns users into employees. In the long run, TomTom won't even be able to survive without the help of all these people. Brands thus become more and more clubs, bringing people together. No brand without people.

TomTom includes traffic info secondary roads

Through the newest TomTom navigation systems with HD Traffic (High Density) motorists now can even see traffic jams on secondary roads. This way not only you can see if the A4 highway is jammed, but also if there is a lot of traffic in the Martin Luther King street (em, Dutch). Brands are starting to help us real time, anyplace. So that we know where our friends are, so we don't pass a showroom of a special design kitchen we always have wanted to see, or so we won't miss the ultimate photo occasion. This is a small step in that direction.

Operate TomTom through voice

The newest TomTom navigation systems can be operated through speech. Users can say the names of millions of cities and streets, and then drive to their destination (in most West-European countries for a start). Besides, text messages can be opened using speech as well. For example: "Do you want to hear this message?" If you say yes, TomTom will read it to you. With this option TomTom has the world premier in the navigation industry (tt). Brands start spoken dialogues with us. Now we start a dialogue with TomTom through TomTom's display, in the future we will also talk to other brands through the same display. And we will have dialogues with TomTom and other brands through the PC, then through the mobile phone, TV, and all other possible displays. The brands will have themselves represented by a visual brand agent who visualizes the dialogue. I wonder what Tom will look like in 'real' life...

TomTom has motorists change maps

TomTom as a world premier makes it possible for motorists to improve their maps through its TomTom Map Shareâ„¢ technology. All users of this system can change maps themselves, and at the same time take advantage of the changes made by others. This way they always have the most accurate maps (tt). People share their experiences with others, real time. Now for road maps, later for nice restaurants or new shops. We won't just see what people thought about it, but also what our friends thought about it. Coaching brands will assist us and will find solutions for the problems which then arise: a new shop that attracts so many people on its opening day, that it is too crowded to normally serve people. TomTom takes a step forward again in developing itself as a mobility coaching brand.

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Accident? TomTom helps

TomTom in its newest navigation systems has added a Help Me button in the main menu, which provides direct access to information about safety and road services. Motorists this way get direct access to local road services, they can get First Aid information, and they can get extended information about for example the traffic rules per country. Even the closest garage, pharmacy or police station can be found quickly. The user can call the number shown on the screen, while the TomTom system shows where he or she is at that moment (tt). mobility coaching brands this way further develop: brands that (safely) get you from A to B. Now the user still has to contact the helpers himself, and tell the location he is at, in the future TomTom will automatically contact police, ambulance or road services when you are involved in an accident. Now just in the car, in the future also when you are on a train, a boat, walking, cycling or in a trishaw. When we think of transport, we think of our mobility coaching brand. This is a small step in that direction.

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