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Travelta mobile

Travelsite Travelta now has a location-based hotel seeker for mobile phones with which users can find and reserve hotels in their area using GPS or Cell-ID location. Beside that the site also shows up-to-date information on which type of rooms are available, check-in and check-out times, hotel photos and how many stars the hotel has. The user can then reserve a room through an (inter)national phone number.

Future vision by Erwin Van Lun

We’re mapping out the whole world and show it on Internet. Through desk and laptop, but also through our mobile phones. Everything we find on the internet we’ll also find on the mobile phone. Later, in whichever city you walk in, you can always ask Travelta whether there’s a hotel room which you can reserve for the night available.

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Travelta aims for completeness

New Dutch travel portal Travelta aims for completeness. The site at the moment includes travel packages from about twenty tour operators. Arke and Oad are expected to join soon. Travelta expects to cover about eighty percent of the total online travel packages by this spring. From the first second onwards Travelta personalizes the site by giving these options: "I have been here", and "I want to go here". Besides visitors can interact with other visitors.

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