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Wehkamp lets Dyanne Beekman give style advice

Wehkamp lets image stylist Dyanne Beekman, known from various Dutch tv shows and the DYANNE collections give advice. Based on nine questions regarding hair colour, hairdo, skin tone, eye color, figure type, length, weight, style group and size Dyanne puts together a personal style advice and shows which clothing the customer is best off wearing. Every six weeks shows a new collection and with every new collection the customer can count on new advice by Dyanne.

Future vision by Erwin Van Lun

This is how brand advice becomes increasingly more personal. Later on we’ll stand in front of the webcam in our underwear (or naked) and our body will be measured immediately. At first we’ll have to show a marker with a set length so that the length can be measured too, but that’ll be automatic too in time. We’ll also get a better insight in our skin colour, the exact shape of our face or the proportions of the limbs and the trunk. And the advice will be a lot better then. This is another step in that direction.

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Wehkamp lets you react to press releases, a Dutch e-commerce, now lets consumers react to press releases sent by the company. Then the company keeps a close eye on the reactions. For example, the reaction to the press release Nieuw Magazine (New Magazine; Dutch):


Nice the September magazines.
Especialy page 31, that's all wrong!
nr.7 is a belt. A comparable pair of pants of "Liefs van Bo" is slightly more expensive.
Only nr.2 and 8 are correct.
How're things for the rest of the magazine?

To which Wehkamp (Dennis Hendriksen) responded:
Firstly, thank you for your response. It's indeed true that two article numbers were switched in the magazine (namely: nr. 6 and 7, page 31). De error has our attention. Internally we'll be looking for a solution to guarantee the ease of ordering.

Kind regards,
Dennis Hendriksen

Future vision by Erwin Van Lun

Brands are experiencing a brand coming out: they’re becoming an ultimate cooperation form between people. You’ve got people in the core, who work on it all day, people who do something some of the time (call it ‘part-time working’ for now), people who sometimes think along and people who spend most of their lives simply taking.

Sending a press release is part of PR, part of Public Relations, part of maintaining relationships with the public. In practice that always means: keeping in contact with the press. Entering the dialogue. And that can be seen beautifully here.

In a next step, by the by, people need to be logged in so that (in this case) can see directly which delivery it’s about and take personal action, like calling. Perhaps this person would be willing to proofread next time. And so we’re going forward step by slow step.

Wehkamp sends reminder

Home shopping company Wehkamp sends an email to online shoppers who've put things in their shopping cart, but haven't finished the payment. In the email the products in the cart are brought to the consumer's attention again. The amount of leads with this email is almost four times as high as with conventional emails. With this case Wehkamp was given the silver EMMA Award, an email marketing award.

Future vision by Erwin Van Lun

Brands get how to shape the automated dialogue more and more. In fact this is automating attention: pay attention to what someone’s doing. ‘Hey, you thought this was interesting, can I help you with it?’ The most normal thing in the world, but you do have to do it first. Wehkamp gets precisely how this works.

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Wehkamp asks for reviews

Dutch mail order company Wehkamp doesn't just offer the possibility to write a review on any product at their site: they now actively ask people to write a review two weeks after they have bought a product. (mf, Dutch). Reviews become relevant when you know for sure that someone did buy the product. In a next step, Wehkamp will connect to social networks. You then don't only see reviews, but also what your friends thought of it. Then brands get better at understanding their customers. If Wehkamp then can also advise us if a product goes well with a product we bought earlier (like the style or color for fashion, or compatibility for computer devices), then they will take the dialogue to a next level. As long as Wehkamp keeps striving to have a complete range of products, consumers won't have any reason to go somewhere else.

Wehkamp has consumers film its catalogue

Mail order company Wehkamp calls consumers to place a film on video sharing site YouTube, in which the new catalogue has the leading part. The first prize in this contest is 20,000 euros. A model film in Tell Sell style can already be seen (rb, Dutch). Brands more and more use video in their marketing mix. In a structural way and, like here, in campaigns. So that in the future we will have one thousand video recipes for every can of peas, five hundred different videos for certain yoga exercises, or three hundred applications for a certain plug. After all, a picture says more than a thousand words.

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