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Brand: Zie

(all brands) links Messenger contacts

If you open an account at developing home entertainment coaching brand, gets the option to add windows live messenger contacts. The user can directly select contacts from his own buddy list of the chat program, and invite them to In a next step, Zie will make a permanent connection between the Zie account and the Messenger account. Then Zie can start advising you about what your friends are watching (or have watched). Also when you have removed friends, or added new friends. Thus your list of friends always accompanies you. From one brand you trust to the other brand you trust.

Zie makes you first choose videos

When you register at video site, first quickly has to browse through a couple of videos, and rate them by clicking the rate button. Thus a viewers profile is assembled, based on which Zie develops a personal TV guide. Then Zie finds your view friends: people who like similar TV programs (em, Dutch). This way another home entertainment coaching brand comes into existence. Now looking at TV channels, in the future also at online content. Now just at the computer, later also through the mobile phone. But home entertainment coaching brands will only then really break through, when they always appear when we turn on the television. There are lots of initiatives in that direction, but it hasn't had its breakthrough for the masses yet. I expect this breakthrough some time next year.

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