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Brand: Zuka

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Zuka offers housing trade

Dutch housing site Zuka lets house-sellers in the same price range trade homes too. People who offer their home up for trade can use the description to tell others what they're looking for, for example in which area or what price range a new house is sought. Interested parties can then approach the people behind a home themselves.

Future vision by Erwin Van Lun

Home coaching brands will be at our side for all elements of living, so house trades too.

Zuka launches housechat

Through Dutch housing site Zuka buyers and sellers can chat with one another directly. Typical questions that aren't (as) easily caught in a database - for example 'from what time will the sun be shining in the garden?' or 'when was the exterior painted for the last time?' - can easily be answered in this way. In an extreme case one might even be able to make an offer from the chatroom.

Future vision by Erwin Van Lun

You can sell or buy a house just like any other object. We used to need all sorts of complicated things for this, but in the network economy that’s being created it’s all about allowing two parties to meet. In a next step, Zuka could arrange for a notary, sort mortgages and arrange the move. Sometimes you’ll need a physical, real person, but that’s going to be the case less and less. This is a development in that direction.

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