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Category: Media Technology

New technology which will be available for consumers in a while. In their homes or in other places. Maybe patents have been filed just now, maybe it has been demonstrated somewhere or maybe it is currently used in commercial applications.

Sony patents glove

Sony patents a hand controller with which each finger separately can 'feel' pressure (gb/uw). This is an important difference with for example the controller of the WII which 'only' determines the position of the controller in the room, or which reacts to fingers without touching a screen. It adds the dimension of tangibility. We try to make the virtual world more and more real. So that we feel, smell, see, hear, or taste something that is actually not there, that doesn't exist, at least not at this location. A world in which brands will keep reinventing themselves. This is a small step in that direction.

Rolling shoes

Scientists are working on shoes which make you feel like you're walking forward when you wear them. Through small wheels in the shoes turning in opposite direction, it feels like we move forward while in reality we stay in the same place (fc, Dutch). We try to imitate the real world as much as possible, so we can experience everything from out of our own homes. So that we can jump from experience to experience. These experiences in the future will be provided by brands. This is a small step in that direction.

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