Your Planet Sustainable?Your Tribe Harmonious?Your Life Vibrant?
Future Proof Ideas since 2005, by Erwin van Lun


Futurists are often given the question:

How does technology change the world in the coming years?

I think the art of futurism is combining knowledge of technology with insight in human existence, because only then do you have a predicting value as to how people will act in a new world. And this approach works. In 2004 I looked towards 2015 and so far all developments have occurred exactly as I predicted them. That’s motivating! Now that I’m often looking towards the year 2050, deeper scientific insights and hypotheses regarding the existence of humans and their universe are getting increasingly more important. And that makes my work increasingly more interesting and fun.

To spar with fellow futurists about the future I’m a member of the World Future Society, visit international futurist congresses and stay in touch with many scientists across the globe. But just observations from people from cultures alien to me, from babies without any culture whatsoever, from animals other than humans, from people that are really different or elderly are just as inspiring. Because the world may be designed by science, eventually it’s created by us all.

As futurist I can fulfill my mission by indicating how people used to add value to other people’s lives (as traded value), how people do such today (and how normal we think this is) and then predicting how people will do this in the future. That gives something solid to grip. That gives inspiration. That gives a positive feeling towards the future.
I give lectures and workshops regarding the future of tomorrow, 2015, 2020 or 2050.