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As a speaker I feel like a fish in the water. Working with groups of people my energy, theater experiences and vision blend together and in that melting pot an interactivity with the audience comes into being which I enjoy just as much as the people in the audience. I often talk about changes in society as a result of changes in media. Why do people behave differently? What happens to marketing? What happens to brands? Or I link my presentation to the theme of the day. To a product introduction for example, or an anniversary, or a specific subject. Starting from my long term vision, I can almost always connect to your wishes. Whatever happens, I help your audience to the tip of their chairs, or even better, off their chairs!

Representing Microsoft at Achmea during the Innovation Days 2006 about the future of languages.

Earlier I worked for Rabobank (and have been back 5 times), Nederlandse Ski Vereniging (Dutch Ski Organization), CBW (Centrale Branchevereniging Wonen, Dutch), FHV BBDO, NykampNyboer, Reed Elsevier, Intel, Dell, Junior Kamer, EuroForum, Robeco, Nationale Nederlanden, TriMM Interactive Media, Beet Intermediar, Unive, Microsoft, MWG, Wij Special Media, NIMA and Interpolis.

Rob van Vroenhoven, Wij Special Media:

“Erwin gave a very good presentation on the babyfair in Holland with the title “Brands as tomorrows’ educators”. He went in depth in brand agents and personal agents. Leading baby brands such as Pampers, Nestle, Numico and Prenatal were present. They rated Erwin with an 8.”

Janko Grassere, Intel:

“Erwin is a speaker that shows the audience controversies in their way of thinking and lets the audience experience old things from a new angle and shows them how technology can fullfill their needs and wants in a completely new way. Very interesting; everybody learned a lot!”

Yvonne de Jager, MWG:

“I came in contact with Erwin, as he was a speaker at the MWG (a trade organisation for media consultants, media owners, and advertisers). His performance was inspiring and entertaining. I’m sure the listeners left with more knowledge on Social Networking (the topic), then when they came in! You should hire this guy any time you want an expert talking about interactive/digital marketing.”

More testimonials on my personal page at linkedin.


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