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As Trend Analyst (or trendwatcher) I look for visible changes in people’s behavior, in society or in organizations, as a result of changes in their environment. I record my observations in the section day to day and then link to the long-term trends I’ve predicted. In that sense the term ‘trendmatcher’ is better than Trend Watcher or Trend Analyst.

Sometimes subtrends are created: trends that are part of a bigger trend. An example is product activation where humans and brands (companies) rediscover what product they’re talking about. It’s actually about eliminating the anonymity created since the industrial revolution and as such it’s a subtrend of the brand-dialogue. Because there are so many observations in some subtrends, I list them separately. That way all these articles are neatly sorted together. Useful for looking up something!

As a trend analyst I can fulfill my mission by giving peace. There are so many developments coming towards us that we sometimes end up literally stressed from all the possibilities: What to choose? Which trend to respond to? Because I can separate the chaff from the wheat within all these trends in the world, I can give people in organizations arguments to choose specific trends that are always aimed at adding value to people’s lives. To things that stay.

I give lectures and workshops regarding trends.