A Touchscreen That Knows You

Touchscreens treat all fleshy finger pads alike: Most detect a simple change in electrical current or in sound or light waves regardless of who is swiping. Researchers at Disney Research, Pittsburgh, have built a touchscreen that can discriminate between users. Every person’s body has its own bone density, muscle mass, blood volume, and water content. The device, called Touché, sends a series of harmless currents through a user’s body. Physiological differences produce differences in the body’s impedance of that current. Touché measures this unique capacitive signature. Scientists could apply capacitive fingerprinting to any touchscreen, or to other ubiquitous objects, such as doorknobs and furniture, turning the world into an interactive device. Touché is still in development, and plans for commercialization, alas, are top secret.

Future Vision by Erwin Van Lun on this article

All brands will be able to recognize consumers and continue the dialog where they’ve left off the time. This begins with authentication technology and this is perfect step in this direction! Now, we’ll to touch a screen, soon, we’ll be recognized through our unique field around our bodies.

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