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Amazon Fresh home delivers food

At Amazon Fresh, part of Amazon.com, consumers now can order fresh food. At the moment as a try-out just in Seattle. Delivery is very flexible. Through 'DayBreak' products are delivered on the doorstep by early morning, through 'Daytime Delivery' they are delivered the next day in a 1-hour time slot chosen by the consumer, and through 'Local Pick-Up' consumers can pick up their order the same day (em, Dutch). Very slowly we start to also order our daily groceries online. However, it is very hard to break through existing patterns, and for people who have been grocery shopping for years and years it is hard to break through this pattern. But the last ten years a new generation has come into being that thinks and acts online completely. The teenagers from then are today's people in their twenties. That generation ask themselves why they would haul a case of beer themselves? And that generation now has money too. The delivery remains a challenge. Now it still takes a day, in the future we will receive our order within a couple of hours. 'Normal' grocery shopping stays, but gets a different meaning. This is a small step in that direction.

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