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Carl Rohde combines everything in 2.0 website

Recently, Carl Rohde and Vincent Albers and I have been working extremely hard on a successor to Carl's website. Last weekend the website went live under the new business/network name Science of the Time. This website distinguishes itself by its many ways to reaction, all the crosslinks between (mentality) trends and (cool) observations, books and bloggers, and smart SEO optimization. Anyone who looks at it for a while will notice the similarities with Mensmerk/ErwinvanLun, but there are also differences. grin

Carl is an international trendwatcher and lately has often been in the news because of his Top15 Coolest WorldWide. International big shots such as Joe Pine, Marian Salzman and Mark Simpson contribute regularly.

Carl’s new site combines his enormous strength to bring international trends to the forefront with the concept of Mensmerk (which received a ‘best marketing’ and a ‘best design’ nomination from the Dutch Bloggies). I’m very happy with the results myself and see this as a basis for continued expansion and collaboration. In addition I can use new insights in the content management system (Expression Engine) in the next versions of, en I also hope to internationalize my own network further, which is linked to my strategy to spend a prolonged period living in Australia. So, to be continued!

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