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End of money and property

This is one of the most special twists I've ever had. Money will disappear, and property will disappear. That sounds really crazy. Below my reasoning.

In the world of 2050, or maybe even later, of course the physical elements of money (like paper and coins) will have disappeared. Far too cumbersome, expensive and fraud-sensitive. But the money as we know it now will evolve into a kind of ‘society-balance’: it expresses what you’ve done for society and what you get in return. That means that if you do a lot, and it’s appreciated, you get a strong balance, more money so you want. That can’t really heap up because power as we know it will disappear and with it the idea that the higher in an organization the more money you make. It’s about what the individual contributes to society. And so if you’re regional manager corporate accounts you’ll have to think very carefully of what you’re adding to society: what value do you add to the lives of individual people (of the final customers) which makes them (!) say you’re worth your money. That’s a question we can answer only with difficulty and partially the cause of the current economic malaise.

The nice thing is that in this new world hierarchical organizations have disappeared; after all everything has gone into the network economy where there no longer is a hierarchy. Management tasks like strategy, planning and delegating are left to computers. After all, they can do this better than we can. In this world, the world of Pamper Planet, it’s about human contribution. Not about intellect, because computers can do that better too, now about creativity idem ditto, and not about physical effort because roboworld will be behind us too, but it’ll be about spiritual effort: something that the computer won’t be good at even in 2050. We’ll be able to make music, give massages and all sorts of training to each other in the areas that now seem reserved to autistic savants. We can do that too then; that’s what we’ll do. And status won’t be got with a lot of money, but by being able to do a lot and teaching other people. By wisdom.

In this society (that’ll be shaped between 2050 and 2100) the elderly will be appreciated again. After all the only way to get this knowledge is through life experience. What a different world.

And then we still have property. In this world ground won’t belong to an individual, not to a country, but belong to everyone and thus no one. How will that ground be exploited? Suppose someone has an idea: I want to build a house there, or I want to give a pop concert, build a pool, make a corn field or a space for spiritual workshops, then you indicate this with our shared coaching brand, the world brand, that world nationality everyone feels a part of. That brand put it forward (completely automated, so in a few seconds) to people who might think this is a good idea or their personal agents acting on their behalf. Based on very quick decision making, you’ll hear whether you can go through with your plan quickly. The execution will then happen equally fast. The question is pretty much answered in real time.

A world where everything is about love, affection and spirituality, that’s a world where women have their say. Not that they make the decisions – hierarchy is banished after all – but they do have the strongest influence on the social cohesion of the society. It’s a completely organic world. Very different from the messes we’ve made now.

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Reaction by catherine murat on 9 November 2009 00:20

you have intresting views - some far reaching but not out of whack with what I believe in

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