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Wanted: Freelance Native English Editor for Flexible Job, the worldwide business community of chatbot developers, and this website,, are looking
for a freelance English editor (4 hours per week).

As we have quite ambitious plans with, we need an enthusiastic native English editor who can grow with us to facilitate the fast growing
community of chatbot developers, affiliate industry and users. We could also use some assistance with

It's not a 'sit-back and relax' kind of job; we'll certainly value your input!

This would be our ideal partner in crime:

  • Native English speaker with a strong personal interest in writing stylish English.

  • background in AI, marketing or communications

  • Smart: you're probably working on your Masters.

  • Flexible yet precise: You'll need to find a quality balance between
    correcting news items, articles (with a due-by date of a few weeks), thorough research and static texts that will be
    read by thousands of readers.

  • Fast: Normally we'll need your correction within a few days.

  • Tech savvy: You'll be making your changes directly in the content management system, so you
    shouldn't be afraid of a few HTML hyperlinks.

You can be based in any country in the world, so this job is indeed quite flexible. We expect to need your support several hours per week but we anticipate much more work in the near future (up to 10 hours per week in the beginning of 2010).

Please contact me for more information or to apply immediately.


Reaction by Nyree Sweeney on 15 July 2009 15:38

Hey Eewin,

I am a native British female who developed a strong interest in creative writing when writing my thesis introduction during my MSc. I needed to write in such a style that would ‘sell’ my research and make people what to read the whole article.

I am currently between jobs and I feel this is a perfect opportunity for me to undertake a writing hobbie/job that would enable me to develop my skill/interest further : - )

Hope to hear from you soon!



Reaction by George Frost on 16 July 2009 13:57

Suits me down to the colour of my trousers. Technical, SciFi, excellent English, and forced into a personal situation well below my high flier status as International Telecomms CEO, by a very recent loss and gain of my nfour year old son. Now he is my sole family and hence my application for this slot.
Please keep George in mind, I might suprise you!

regards glf


Reaction by elizabeth on 10 August 2009 05:35

I stumbled across this site looking for something else and am intrigued. I have a Harvard MBA and a Masters in international studies. I am a native English speaker (American) and strong writer. I generally look for engagements or consultancies rather than 9-5 jobs and add them together to make a casserole on interesting work. This writing gig might be a nice addition. Please tell me more…


Reaction by Erwin van Lun on 10 August 2009 15:12

Hi Nyree, George, Elizabeth,

Sorry for my late reaction. I thought I already closed this posting, but I didn’t. On I wrote a few weeks ago:

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve appointed Jetty Van Kooij as our primary editor of

Although she has a Dutch nationality, Jetty has been living in Sydney, Australia, for almost 4 years now. She’s a proud mother of 6-month-old daughter Liv.

Jetty has a professional background in marketing communications and as a working at home mum, she’s able to work flexible hours. Above all, she’ll understand typical ‘Dutchisms’, odd ‘English’ phrases, which need to be translated into proper English.

We’re glad to have her on the team! Enjoy your time Jetty!

Great thanks to all applicants who‘ve responded either via e-mail or telephone. We’d love to have you all on board but obviously, we can’t make that happen.

However, any ideas for will be appreciated. Alternatively, if you stumble upon articles related to chatbots, or if you’d like to post an article, please don’t hesitate to contact us again!


Reaction by Hitendra on 15 September 2009 08:34

Mr. Erwin,

Actually, its quite interesting to go ahead with your offer, but still I would request for further details in it.

frankly speaking, I dont have AI background, so, still, would it do to you ?

I would be pleased if you could revert positively in this regards,



Reaction by George Frost on 21 September 2009 09:02

Positive news for your side, unfortunate from mine. Should you need further help in the future please feel free to call…...I shall make myself available.

Rgerds   glf


Reaction by Dan Jenkins on 29 April 2010 03:21

This is in response to Nyree and George.
    I find it interesting that two people who wish to be part-time editors, send letters of interest which contain typos. Love it.
    Great site you’ve got here, Erwin. Followed someone’s Facebook post and now I’m hooked. At least until the next trend-setting site catches my always wandering eye.

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