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Dutch restaurantsite Iens has, beside its mobile site, an application for the iPhone. You can search on location and kitchen and then get the restaurants with address, grade, and – useful – phone number you can click and call immediately. The iPhone application also shows you photos, the chosen restaurants on the map and the route from where you are at that moment (using GPS).

Future Vision by Erwin Van Lun on this article

Leisure brands are ideally suited for mobile applications. Currently we have to call the restaurant, but later we can reserve immediately. Currently we’re seeing everyone’s reviews, but later what our friends thought of it. Currently only in the Netherlands, but later this’ll work everywhere in the world, in all possible languages. If you’re in Nairobi and get hungry, you’ll go to Iens and look for a nice restaurant in the neighbourhood. All developments that are waiting to happen and ceased being hocus pocus long ago.

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