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In 2043, computers WILL speak (I’m quoted in Metro)

Metro 2043Only 20 years ago, the internet was opened to the public. Being the greatest innovation since the invention of the book press, it has revolutionized the world. However, the revolution has just begun. In 2043, computers wll speak the language of humans. They will no longer look like machines, but like real humans, the most natural interface ever introduced. These virtual humans will live in the cloud, not restricted to any ‘device’. They will express emotions like humans, speak our language, even dialects, and understand our — often local — gestures. These AI characters will appear on floating, transparent camera screens, which will be as cheap as plastic bags today, and spread in all parts of the world, including the now developing countries. Their incarnation, the humanoid robots, will assist us with many physical tasks. We’ll work a lot less, maximum 15 hours per week, allowing us to focus on our core competence: being human

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