MYO announces the next generation of gesture control

Most gesture-control systems require some kind of external sensors that "see" you, with optical sensors or depth sensors or cameras. They're on the outside, measuring your movements the same way human eyes do. And that's fine, but a new wristband advertises itself as a system that's more internal--it's directly controlled by you.

You make gestures similar to the ones you'd use on an Apple trackpad, except in the air: you'd wave a couple fingers to rewind or pause a video, scroll through pages, that kind of thing. It's compatible with Windows and Mac OS X to start, but since it connects via Bluetooth, it could conceivably connect to just about any mobile device as well: smartphones, tablets, or even drones.

Future Vision by Erwin Van Lun on this article

Now computer are getting additional input from humans: gestures in the air, instead of mouse and keyboard. The next step will be the recognition of human gestures, i.e. gestures we already use in our day 2 day lives, having conversations with chatbots like we would do with normal human beings. That will really feel natural.

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