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Pamper Planet: work title for my new book

I made up a work title for my new book: Pamper Planet. This book describes what the world will look like in 2050. After we have gone through a tumultuous time, we will get a period of rest, peace and safety being the worldwide standard. Pamper Planet describes a very soft, friendly world in which basically everything seems to be in balance. A world in which every resident will be completely pampered. A world which has elements of paradise. That world we are building now. Daily we take small steps in this direction. And 2015, the year I write about regularly, is just an intermediate stage (like 2050 will be as well).

That world is partly visualized in some Science Fiction films. It is a combination of The Matrix, A Space Odyssey, West World, The Game, Minority Report, 1948, and Demolition Man. I don't watch movies so often, but there must be many more movies showing elements we can expect in 2050. All things to be researched after the summer. The question now is of course: do you think 'Pamper Planet' is an appealing title? I already registered the domain name, just in case wink. Let me know!

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Reaction by Martijn Brouns on 18 March 2008 20:45

Hmm… I am not really sure if this is a positive or negative way of looking at the world. Makes me think your book is about the Eloi form H.G. Wells’ Time Machine… read the text below. Tok that from en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Time_Machine

“The Eloi are about four feet tall (~122 cm), pink-skinned and frail-looking, with curly hair, small ears and mouths and large eyes. Males and females seem to be quite similar in build and appearance. They have high-pitched, soft voices and speak an unknown language. They appear to be quite unintelligent and child-like and live without quarrels or conflict.”

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