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Restaurant Kaap Hoorn receives mobile orders

At Kaap Hoorn, a restaurant in the Dutch city Haren, visitors can now order and pay through their cell phones. A visitor can look up the menu on their cell phone and place an order. It's paid up front by RaboMobiel. The receipts are printed after payment is received.

On September 4th, ITIS, an IT-company in Groningen, starts a pilot with paying in the horeca. It’s the first restaurant that works with the payment system www.mobile.myorder.nl.
MyOrder is a Java ME (Mobile Edition) application that communicates with a central server through GPRS. This central server stores orders, communicates with the horeca company and the methods of payment. Besides this the server offers the establishment’s menu from a database.

Future Vision by Erwin Van Lun on this article

Step by step we’re saying goodbye to paper. Not just customer passes, not just magazines, but we’ll also see less of all small paper, such as menu cards, flyers or doctor’s receipts. With as most important reason that brands want to communicate and communication happens per definition in a dialogue not a monologue as we were forced to by paper.

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