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Scale of the Universe

Scale of the Universe Nanotubes
The interactive flash animation Scale of the Universe allows you to browse the universe through hundreds, possibly more than thousand objects of all different sizes Scale of the Universe Planets

It starts with the smallest ‘object’ known so far, the quantum foam, with a size of around 10-35 meter, still far smaller than the smallest defined metric measurement, the yoctometer, having a size of 0,00000000001 yoctometer. 1 neutrino is one yoctometer, Nanotechnology like a carbon nanotube, is working on the size of 10-9 meters, about the diameter of a DNA string. Smallest thing visible with the human eye in 10-3 meter.

As you keep scrolling through familiair objects, you gradually leave earth and go into space, where the opposite happens: it all seems infinite! At around 1010> the total human height is drawn, which I think was funny. It’s all so relative!!!

Use your arrow keys, mouse, or scroll wheel to travel through sizes and enjoy!

My interpretation: we are just part of an infinite hologram. In this animation, we’re about the middle. Probably because we are constantly exploring boundaries, either extreme large and small. We have defined a current minimum and maximum, but I simply don’t believe there is a minimum and maximum. In 50 years from now, we’ll have discover even more tiny and massive stuff

Update: This is no longer available on the free web, but you download the app!

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