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TED introduces smart commenting system

TED, the knowledge platform famous for its public talks, launched a new commenting system. Here are the main enhancements:
  • it will be possible to reply to individual comments, thereby creating threaded conversations.
  • commenters who have uploaded pictures will have these displayed
  • it will be possible to vote on comments
  • people whose comments receive up-votes will earn "TEDCred" points.

Anyone who gets 100+ points will be awarded a special "TEDCred" label by their name.

Future Vision by Erwin Van Lun on this article

Brands constantly find new ways to engage consumers. In the old days via PR, magazines and newspaper. Since the late nineties through the web. Since a few years it’s possible to react on postings. Now they’ve started to sophisticate
reaction mechanisms. And soon people awarded with a TEDCred label will be invited to give a talk themselves. That’s an algoritm that find talent, to explore opportunities with your audiences, within consumers, within members. It’s a typical examply of the brand coming out.

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