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Vodafone monitors web with special department

Vodafone starts a Web Relations department, apart from the existing Investor Relations and Public Relations departments, to monitor the web. The new, 6-persons department will actively follow web logs and discussion forums to monitor the public image of the company and its services (em, Dutch). In fact, you could say that Web Relations is the same as 'Stakeholder Relations'. Without a doubt, the department will not just look at what is being said, but also at who says it. Is it a (former) customer, a (former) employee, a (former) stakeholder, a specialist, a technician, or a combination? And then the public comments of this person will be recorded in the HRM, IR, or CRM system. And Vodafone comes with a proper answer for this person. This way the brand develops more openness, and the dialogue about brands between customers becomes more and more transparent. This is another good step in that direction.

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