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Keynote Programs

Erwin van Lun will tailor any of his speeches to your particular wishes:

  • Future of ChatbotsChatbots: Erwin van Lun predicted the popularity of chatbots with great precision back in 2004 in his Dutch book ‘Van Massamerk naar Mensmerk’. Enthusiast about this phenomena, he founded in 2008 which expanded over the years to the largest platform on this topic worldwide. In this very human speech, Van Lun shares his amazing journey with, with its ups and downs, and unfolds his vision on the future of human-like artificial intelligence.
  • Toward an integrated, global society: As a seasoned predictor Van Lun shares his visions on 2050 and how we can prepare for the amazing #transition yet to come. Be prepared: this speech will change your thinking about your own life as well!
  • Vitalize your personal brand! A speech that explains why the current changes in media, marketing, brands and society make personal branding a must for your future. You will leave this invaluable session empowered, excited, and most of all: with endless ideas for your own Personal Brand. Ideas to be used immediately. You will now consciously start doing what you’ve been doing all along: live your Personal Brand.

Call or WhatsApp Erwin in The Netherlands (+31 621 567 657; GMT +1), or

People about Erwin van Lun On Stage

Hans van der Meulen

Chairman Online Marketing Group(NIMA, Dutch Marketing Association)
Erwin van Lun acted as the preliminary speaker at our NIMA (Dutch Marketing Association) dinner. His interactive presentation about the influences brands have on people was inspiring. If you want your event to ‘sparkle’, get Erwin to come.

Bart Henau

former Founder and CEO(yoBuz)
Erwin has proven time and again to have a great creative mindset. Combined with his pertinent view on past, present and future developments in marketing, media, communication etc., you have a great guy that delivers a truly professional product.

Hans Ruinemans

Founding President PSA Holland(PSA Holland)
Erwin is an upcoming, cleverish, young speaker. His contribution to the Professional Speakers Association Holland, of which I was the Founder and first President, has been enormous. He is talented, keeps well track of the latest developments & trends and mermerizes large audiences. I warmly recommend him.