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The Future of National Cultures

How media force cultures to adopt the Dutch Polder Model.

How will national cultures change and merge as a result of changes in media? Why will basic values of the Dutch culture be a model for the changes to come? And what makes the Dutch model so successful? Who could tell you better than Dutch futurist and trend analyst Erwin Van Lun. His revelations open your eyes!

Futurist and trend analyst Erwin Van Lun will shed some light on his fellow countrymen using cultural anthropologist Geert Hofstede’s model of cultural dimensions. Learn about boerenkool stamppot, the Dutch stinginess and the Dutch policy on euthanasia, gay marriage and coffee shops. And find out why the world famous Polder Model will be the model for the world to come.

In this session you will find out:

  • what major cultural differences there are between the Netherlands and the cultures of the audience
  • the history of the Dutch Polder Model, and it’s future use by people all around the world
  • how media developments will fundamentally change the world’s cultures
  • why global culture will ultimately dominate local cultures
  • why we need cultural confrontations to build a peaceful world

In this fascinating session Erwin will share with you his personal stories on coffee shops, euthanasia, the red light district, speculaas, gay marriage, and Chief Executives riding their bikes to work. You will leave with a smile on your face, determined to learn from the Dutch successes as well as their failures. And chances are you’ll have a good laugh about your own habits too.


People about Erwin Van Lun On Stage:

Gijs Hoff

Managing Director(Dutch association of furniture retailers (CBW))

At CBW's annually congress for its members (2700), Erwin had the task to interest and inform our members in chain optimization and digitalization. Erwin has succeeded in transmitting the subject in an attractive and understandable manner. The knowledge concerning the virtual world and the possibilities and impact of it is of high level.

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