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Have you ever wondered how successful you would be if you could determine your client’s future? If you could continuously stay one step ahead of them? If you were to be their innovation partner in tomorrow’s world?

Erwin Van Lun shows you how rapidly changing behaviors of individual people on this planet (your client’s target group) are fundamentally changing the nature of society and organizations. He takes you on a journey through the bigger, historic trends in media, marketing, brands and society that will continue far into the 21st century. Once you understand these trends, you will easily find ways to guide your client into tomorrow’s world – and become their #1 innovation partner.

In this session you will find out:

  • what the impact is of today’s demand driven, networking economy on your and your client’s future
  • how to use innovations in other sectors to predict what will happen in your sector
  • what factors to consider in redefining your strategy and aligning your management
  • what actions to stop because they are redundant in your new strategy
  • how to stay ahead to be a successful business partner for your client

This fascinating session may very well mark the beginning of a breakthrough for your business. It will open your eyes for opportunities you had never before thought possible. You will be inspired to go full steam ahead!

People about Erwin Van Lun On Stage:

Arnout Hemel

Senior Product Manager Windows Live(Microsoft)

Erwin is an inspiring speaker and facilitator. I share his views on how brands will evolve.

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