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Future Proof Ideas since 2005, by Erwin van Lun

Future Trends - Ready for Tomorrow

Have you ever wondered how in earth you can keep up with today’s social, technological and physical changes? Are you overwhelmed with all developments that seem to tumble over each other? Or plainly determined to make your business, foundation or organization the next ‘best practice’ in the 21st century?

Erwin Van Lun shows you how to stay ahead. You will discover that today’s fast changes all originated in just a few long-lasting, worldwide trends – some of which have been developing for centuries. If you use these trends as your guiding principles, it will soon become clear what you should do – and what you should stop doing – to be ready for tomorrow.

In this session you will find out:

  • what bigger, historic trends in media, marketing, brands and society are important for you, your customers, citizens, members and/or supporters
  • how to value innovations in light of these trends – which ones will stick, and which ones won’t
  • how to shift your focus from technology to interaction with actual people
  • what actions to take to fully benefit from tomorrow’s opportunities
  • and what actions to stop because they are redundant in your (re)new(ed) focus.

You will leave this phenomenal session inspired, energized, and ready to go! It provides food for thought, not just directly afterwards, but for weeks, months, even years. It changes the minds of your audience. Forever.


People about Erwin van Lun On Stage

Tarnya Bohm

Online Marketing Manager(RaboPlus (Rabobank International Direct Banking), Australia)
I've had the pleasure of attending a couple of Erwin's presentations to Rabobank on the future of brands and marketing. I found that his vision provided some interesting food for thought for marketers looking for different ways to reach consumers now and to start thinking about possibilities in the future. I found Erwin to be an entertaining speaker and his engaging interaction with the audience also helped cement some of the principles he was explaining.

Giel Kassenaar

Program Manager(ABN AMRO)
Erwin is without exception the most energetic and inspirational guy I have ever worked with. With all the positive and negative feelings this can bring... But one thing: always a laugh, always straight and never a dull moment!

Marcel Buskermolen

Commercial Director (WDM Netherlands)
Erwin spoke at a congres we organised in the fall of 2008. The goal was to give the visitors a new perspective of the future behaviour of the consumer. Erwin interacts with the audiance and has a lot of knowledge of new technologies. Furthermore Erwin is easy going and takes his job seriously.