People about Erwin van Lun On Stage

Egbert Jan van Bel

Chairman(Marketing Executive Center (MEC) )
Erwin really did a great job during a marketing training week for one of our clients, a global and prestigious consultancy organization. Roundabout 24 participants, all sr consultants in CRM and ICT were very enthusiastic while Erwin took us by the hand and lead us through the branding and future communication arena. Erwin’s knowledge and animated style of lecturing was very interesting, erudite and funny! Great mix for a outstanding educating session. The overall rating for Erwin’s lecture was a 9 on a scale 10.

Hans Ruinemans

Founding President PSA Holland(PSA Holland)
Erwin is an upcoming, cleverish, young speaker. His contribution to the Professional Speakers Association Holland, of which I was the Founder and first President, has been enormous. He is talented, keeps well track of the latest developments & trends and mermerizes large audiences. I warmly recommend him.

Hans Dorreboom

Director/partner (Van der Hilst Communication)
Erwin van Lun? Enthusiastic. A man who gives a content-rich story a modern jacket. A host pur sang. Has the gift as chariman/moderator to integrate other speakers' contributions into a challenging vision!