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Why does the whole world seem to be talking about personal branding these days? What does it actually mean from a branding perspective? And most important: how can you benefit from personal branding?

Futurist Erwin Van Lun shows you how the core of what we call ‘our economy’ is changing. What impact it has on media, marketing, brands and society. And why this makes personal branding a must for your future. A brilliant personal branding showcase himself, he will tell you all his secrets. All questions allowed, inspiring answers guaranteed!

In this session you will find out:

  • why personal branding is hot
  • what psychological insights form the basics for personal branding
  • how authenticity and a personal branding strategy can run together smoothly
  • how to apply the Seven Key Elements of personal branding
  • why developing a serious personal branding strategy can boost your Personal Brand

You will leave this invaluable session empowered, excited, and most of all: with endless ideas for your own Personal Brand. Ideas to be used immediately. You will now consciously start doing what you’ve been doing all along: live your Personal Brand.

People about Erwin Van Lun On Stage:

Jarco Den Dekker

Project Manager(Fortis)

Erwin is a very energetic person whose vision surpasses the imagination of most people. His ideas about functionality come to live in graphics, leading to vivid discussions. The ideas of Erwin made it possible for potential customers to filter required information in a suitable way. I enjoyed our time working together and I hope he will keep his visionary ideas

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