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Future Proof Ideas since 2005, by Erwin van Lun

Trend café

Are you looking for a fun way to tackle some serious issues in today’s world? Don’t you agree the best ideas are often born in the bar, long after the formal session has ended? Why not skip the formalities, and start in the bar right away? Erwin, as a futurist and trend analyst, will make sure your intake will be more effective than ever before.

Erwin will take you on a relaxing, entertaining, yet serious journey. We’ll meet in an informal setting: a bar, a restaurant, or maybe the deck of a ship. We’ll use the back of a card, sticky notes or coasters to jot down our ideas. Have a beer, eat some finger food, and tell a joke. Make sketches, watch short movies, do role plays. But don’t try to goof off, because you will be next!

In this 100% hands-on group session you will personally experience how media are changing society, marketing and brands. Erwin gives you the framework, illustrating it with many examples, but the group as a whole really determines the outcome. Some serious fun guaranteed!

For groups of max 25 people. Also available as breakfast, lunch or dinner session.

People about Erwin van Lun On Stage

Marc Woesthuis

Managing Director and owner(TriMM interactieve media)
During our Customer Day Erwin van Lun succesfully explored the landscape of brands. Together with the attendees he took everyone on a learning journey with lots of brand examples. The story and presentation were clear, interesting and entertaining.

Rob Kranenbarg

Manager Claims Bodily Injury(Achmea (leading insurance company in the Netherlands))
Erwin is an enthousiastic person, who can tell an interesting story about the future and the future of IT. He tells his story in a funny way and also includes his audience in his story. I recommend him to help think out of the box.

Chris Middeldorp

General Manager (General Manager at VDM advertising, Netherlands)
Colleagues who attended a session with Erwin as one of the speakers said: "Erwin is a really inspiring speaker, an expert in understanding and explaining future trends". This was the perfect hint to ask Erwin to speak at a kick-off session with a newly acquired client. Erwin is the kind of speaker that knows how to Involve his audience and get his inspiring message across. I admire Erwin for his broad vision and the transparency of his views on the times to come