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Brand visualization

At the time when brands only had thirty seconds to bring their message through radio or TV, or through a small piece in a newspaper or magazine, it was important to build recognizability. Something that was seen in just a split-second immediately had to evoke associations. Therefore being consistent was of major importance. Not surprisingly, in most companies it was absolutely unthinkable to do ‘something’ with the logo. The logo was always the same, had exactly the right color, and it had a minimal amount of white around it. That was necessary in a time when consumers - consciously or unconsciously - only saw the brand come by in a flash.

Nowadays, the world already has changed a lot. The consumer can take his time to get to know the brand at its website. ‘The’ message is many times more interesting and richer than ever before. The logo now can come to life. The logo, still the most important visual element of a brand, can start moving, make sounds, can become interactive. And because of that, it will be remembered much better than ever before. The logo is by far the most suitable to express personality, and add brand personality associations in the heads of individuals. Something marketers have always wanted to do, but which can hardly be done in traditional communications. Personality characteristics in the heads of people after all only develop after interaction with that person, and less after just hearing from the person. The same goes for brands. It so happens that our brains treat brands the same as people. And also personality associations are developed especially after interaction. These associations can come to life through an animated, interactive logo in the future.

In the years to come, the visual richness of a brand will explode. Every logo will start moving in 3D. The fixed logo, to be used for example on paper, will be only a derivative of the interactive one. Like the black-and-white logo now is the derivative of the full-color one. Besides the brand will have itself accompanies by many more artificial visual devices: turning buttons, zooming frames, opening doors: it is only the beginning. In the end the visual richness of the brand will be as rich as the visual richness of a church in the past. Only especially in a virtual world. And what is interesting: here too, people (consumers and employees) together make the brand. Brands in this facilitate architects and stylists of the virtual world. The development of this visual richness I follow at this web log too. Every day.

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